Chief of Operations

Herby Dorsaintval (Bebe)

  • Orphanage Director and Liaison with the USA

Herby Dorsaintval (Bebe)

  • Graduated from Communication University (Business) in Port-au-Prince
  • 34 years old
  • Married and 2 young daughters
  • Loves children and wants to bring hope into their lives


  • an onsite supervisor
  • a secretary and head of women’s ministry
  • three caretakers who cook, take care of the children, and sleep at the orphanage at night
  • three cleaning ladies
  • one laundry lady
  • two security guards
  • A school principal:  Billy John
  • twenty-five teachers for grades k-9
  • a maintenance man
  • a tutor
  • a craft person
  • two librarians

Tree of Life is a major employer of Source Matelas.