Future Goals

  1. Keep improving the educational curriculum and quality of teaching
  2. Continue to make medical care an integral part of each child’s life. This includes supplying clothing and hygiene items
  3. Maintain relationship with Food for the Poor to allow provision of lunches for 200+ community students
  4. Expand and deepen the collection at the library which serves both our children and the surrounding community (next-closest library is hours away)
  5. Offer a technical school experience for those orphans who complete secondary school where they can learn a specific trade
  6. We are considering adding computer access and training, but are now working on issues of how to do so – providing climate-controlled areas and proper monitoring of the activities
  7. Improve the garden and make it a part of food provision for the orphanage and school
  8. Bring music to the school and orphanage
  9. Expand our women’s ministry program to include younger and older women